Write to Jeremy

Letters and emails

Do not send in anything not listed on this web page because the prison does not allow material gifts.

If you write to Jeremy and would like a reply to your letter please enclose an SAE or send stamps, which helps Jeremy to keep in touch with the outside. You can include more than one SAE in each letter if you wish.

Owing to the volume of mail sent to Jeremy each day it can take a while for you to receive a response so please allow 6 weeks before writing again or contacting us.

All mail is censored by the prison so please do not send letters longer than two sides of A4 paper (a cheery greetings card will suffice). You must include your name and address or Jeremy will not be able to receive your correspondence/stamps.

In response to requests to send money to Jeremy for him to buy clothes, food, bedding and toiletries, we have added a link to the MOJ which now allows you to send money to prisoners by bank transfer. You will need Jeremy's NOMS number: A5352AC, and his date of birth: 13.01.1961.


Jeremy Bamber, A5352AC, HMP Wakefield, 5 Love Lane, Wakefield, W. Yorks, WF2 9AG.

Or you can email Jeremy using the emailaprisoner.com service, NOMS No: A5352AC, but note that Jeremy cannot directly reply using email, as he does not have Internet access, however the service now allows Jeremy to write a response which can be emailed by return through the prison censor.

If you would like to donate to our forensic fund follow this link.

Thanks for supporting Jeremy.

Cards and gifts

You can send photographs, drawings, paintings, cards, print outs from the Internet or extracts from books, magazines or news articles. Jeremy is no longer allowed to receive writing pads or envelopes. Do not send cards with organic or other material stuck on them, glitter, sticky pads or concealed sections.

The prison rules for sending your Christmas card to Jeremy: You cannot send cards with any concealed panels, bits stuck on including card, paper, jewels, fabric, organic material.

Jeremy would gratefully receive stamps, 1st or 2nd class, large or small.

If you have a query about sending a gift please ask us.