Were you Involved?

Appeal for New Information. Can You Help Jeremy Bamber to Freedom? Last updated 23.12.18.

Were you a friend of Sheila Caffell, Julie Mugford, police officers or any of the relatives in this case?

Do you have any information which you believe the Defence should know about in the interests of justice? Please come forward to help Jeremy.

Forensic Workers

If you worked at Huntingdon or Sandridge Laboratories we would like to hear from you.

Firearms Officers

We are currently trying to trace police officers who were at the scene of White House Farm on the morning of the tragedy, we know there were at least 13 firearms officers who entered the house but did not make statements. Were you one of the officers who was there on the 7th of August? Can you help us with information about who entered the house and how the investigation was handled.

Other Police Officers, Uniform and CID

If you worked on the Jeremy Bamber Case and/or you entered White House Farm on the morning of the tragedy please contact us, even if you think you don't have any information which might help we would like to speak to you.

Civilian Vistiors to the White House Farm

If you were an undertaker, paramedic, or student who attended the scene at any time please contact us.

Civilian Telephone Radio Operators

Were you a radio operator monitoring the firearms officers movements as they broke into the house on the morning of the 7th of August?

B.T. Engineers

If you were a British Telecom Engineer who entered the house or hand any contact with the family at any point during the 2 months before OR after the tragedy please contact us, you may think you don't have any information relating to the incident directly but we have questions we would like to ask.

If you have already contacted us

We are anxious to trace two callers who have already provided information whom we know to be genuine informants, we are appealing for you to re-establish contact with the Official Administration.

All calls and emails will be treated in the strictest confidence and there is a possibility that you could be offered anonymity/immunity from prosecution if you make a statement.

Please help us to put right this injustice, Jeremy Bamber is an innocent man who has had his life stolen from him. For just a few moments of your time you will be giving Jeremy back some of his life.

A Life of Less Liberty is a series of articles written by Jeremy about his life both during his time in prison and his childhood. The 5 pieces give a glimpse of Jeremy's reflections into the reality of his life with his family. Both dignified and humble, his words are a reminder of why there is no greater cause for freedom in the UK today.

“The crash of a slammed cell door is a daily reminder of the whole life tariff’s coffin lid.” Jeremy Bamber, 2012.


I Will Feel Hope Again

Listen to Jeremy Bamber talking to Eric Allison @allison_eric of the Guardian in a conversation recorded in 2011.

Jeremy Talks to the Guardian for a Video in 2011

In a short video by Guardian Films in 2011, Eric Allison details the evidence showing Jeremy's innocence, including interviews with Police officers, a forensic scientist and Jeremy Bamber.