Peter Tatchell

Human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell wrote to the Chief Constable of Essex on 5 April 2017, requesting that he provide all the undisclosed evidence to Jeremy Bamber's solicitor. Below is his letter and the reply from Essex police - a tacit admission that they have withheld evidence and a reiteration of their refusal to voluntarily disclose it.

The letter omits to mention Essex Police’s refusal to the CCRC in 2012 after they requested disclosure of Jeremy’s alibi log for forensic testing. Continued denial of Essex Police’s contempt of court orders from 2001/2 requiring full disclosure. Police letter ‘brags’ about receiving praise from the Appeal court despite having duped three judges into believing Police had complied with court orders. Detective Chief inspector ignores evidence sent to police by the campaign proving Essex Police did not fully disclose material.