Highlighted in the ITA was a need for someone to communicate with criminal justice agencies on the victim’s behalf, or support them in their communications with the police and coroner.[1] Victims required general information on rights, legal advice, and representation as well as information covering the victim's property.

This would have assisted Jeremy Bamber in preventing his extended family from removing valuables from the home and items from the body of his mother. Ann Eaton had asked Jeremy if she could take possession of both June Bamber's wedding and engagement rings from her hand, but Jeremy insisted that June had never removed the rings, and that he wanted her jewelry to remain in place for the funeral as symbol of her love for Nevill, because they had never been removed from her finger and Jeremy wanted to respect her wishes. Jeremy only recently discovered (2013) that the rings were stolen from his mothers hand and given to Ann Eaton by DS Davidson who removed them after the autopsies, doing so, with no respect for the wishes of Jeremy who was paying for the funerals and was the next of kin. These disgraceful actions have caused considerable distress to Jeremy.[2] Advice from a victim support volunteer, would have helped Jeremy understand his legal status as next of kin and instances where valuables were being removed might have been avoided.

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