Public statement on forensic spending

How we’ve spent your money so far… 17.02.17

Because of the appeals process, we cannot publicly disclose forensic reports. There is of course a need for a certain amount of transparency but this has to be countered with keeping valuable forensic information confidential. Without legal advice it would not be in Jeremy’s best interests to publicise the very material which will lead to Jeremy’s conviction being overturned. Many forensic scientists do not want to engage with media and feel that the appeal court might perceive their contribution to campaign publicity as partisan. All of the reports funded by public donations are generously carried out at ‘cost’ by forensic scientists.

  1. Public donations have paid for forensic work on the ‘Suicide note of Sheila Caffell,’ which has been completed and has opened up new lines of enquiry, warranting full disclosure of other samples of Sheila’s handwriting from Essex police, including personal letters; diaries and the disturbingly altered Marianne Faithful lyrics.
  2. The window catch issue, which proves that the jury were misled over Jeremy’s possible entry to the house on the night of the tragedies. Work on this report but has not yet been undertaken and should be carried out during the spring/summer the funding for this comes from donations.
  3. Two other ‘at cost’ reports have been commissioned and funded by public contributions, however neither of these reports, nor the issues they pertain to can be made public.
  4. Other forensic work has been arranged pro-bono and could take a year or more to be completed.

Projects carried out either ‘pro bono’ or ‘at cost’ are not given priority by forensic scientists and some material is prepared outside of the scientist’s normal working hours. As you can appreciate not many people can afford to do their job for nothing or without making any profit and therefore forensic work we commission can take many months to complete. For more information about the costs of forensic work see the price of justice here.