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Material on this web site is true and accurate to the best of our knowledge, where not academically referenced; documentary evidence is available to support all claims. We never have and never will publish photographs of dead bodies, and do not agree with photographs of this nature of Jeremy's dead family being posted on the Internet. We do however, post links to or scans of newspaper articles from mainstream media which are deemed suitable for public viewing and also pertain to Jeremy's innocence. Check out our blog

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What is our policy on other web sites on Jeremy Bamber?

'Jeremy Bamber Innocence Campaign' and the parties involved with the Official Campaign cannot take responsibility for the operation of, or material placed on other websites, support groups or forums, which have their own management teams in place to deal with queries.

This organisation does not operate or support and we nor Jeremy have any association with, or control over it.

We cannot make comment on false claims made on any of the non official sites on Jeremy Bamber. Please be mindful that posts are often made by others who impersonate Official team members, which may contain false accusatory material. The only way you can be sure you are speaking to an official representative is by contacting us direct through the web site here. And the only way you can be sure you are donating to Jeremy's campaign is through our official sites. If you wish to make contact with Jeremy's legal teams please state which area your enquiry relates to; i.e. prison law & sentencing or criminal appeal.


Jeremy Bamber has a legal team in place for his application to the Criminal Cases Review Commission, all of whom are

experienced with a proven track record in human rights cases and complex criminal appeals. They include a Solicitor, Barrister and QC. Jeremy does not require any further legal representation. Jeremy has another lawyer who works on his sentencing and prison law. Jeremy’s legal teams do not engage with media in any form. If you have legal or media enquiries contact us here.