The recent TV programme (2011) on Sky three contained testimony by Ms Kerry Daynes, who claims she is a psychologist, and misled the viewers into thinking that she had met Jeremy Bamber, had read reports on him, or carried out a diagnosis. She said that he 'showed all the traits of a psychopath'. This is not the case and Ms Daynes’ testimony is incorrect and her remarks are pure fallacy. To read more on Jeremy's psychologist reports click here

This programme made assumptions based on prejudicial witness accounts. Jeremy had homosexual friends, as you or I would today, except that in 1985 if you mixed with gay people you clearly were one. By using Kerry Daynes misleading account of Jeremy ‘wanting to attract attention and this being a trait of a psychopath’, Sky have tricked the audience into believing that this was NOT an attack on Jeremy's sexuality but merely a reflection of psychopathic behaviour. Their argument is not valid, because there is no psychopathy, therefore, the implied sexual behaviour of Jeremy was merely normal, and certainly so by todays standards.

Kerry Daynes is not a member of the Healthcare Professions Council or the British Psychological Society, nor has she answered letters sent to her business address. Why did Kerry Daynes not state clearly that she had not examined Jeremy Bamber, and why did Ofcom not take into account psychological reports that Jeremy was not a psychopath? Their argument appears to be based on this appalling and misleading guesswork. The ruling not only breeds hatred of minority groups but makes a mockery of equality expected within the broadcasting standards of the 21st century. Jeremy's sexuality had no bearing on his conviction and is therefore not in the public interest and never was.

If you would like to air your views on the TV Programme 'Killing Mum and Dad' which was aired on Tuesday 14th September 2010 at 9pm (and also on subsequent days) please contact: Viewer Relations, Sky Services Ltd, PO Box 43, Livingston, West Lothian, EH54 7DD.

You might also want to complain to Ofcom the TV regulator about the programme's misleading content and their subsequent prejudicial ruling. Yesterday's ruling on the programme by Ofcom can be read here (page 43 onwards). Clearly, Ofcom and Sky are suggesting that it is acceptable to ridicule the sexuality of someone, along with their gender. The content of the programme was not reflective of Jeremy Bamber's conviction. The programme presented witnesses whose accounts showed prejudice, and it is these foundations upon which the judgments have been made.

Jeremy says:

“As a high profile case, a category ‘A’ prisoner, and a whole life tariff prisoner I have undergone a number of psychological assessments by twenty seven different psychologists. Each carried out numerous tests on me and some interviewed me for twenty hours or more over many weeks.

The most recent assessment of me was carried out in 2009 by Professor Vincent Egan a Chartered Clinical psychologist and senior lecturer in forensic psychology at Leicester University. He was provided with my complete psychological file and all my medical records. He also interviewed me, and I completed various psychological tests before he wrote his report on me.

His conclusion is that I am not a psychopath. During the last quarter of a century and twenty seven different psychologists, not a single one of these experts has concluded that I show any traits consistent with psychopathy.

On the ‘Hare’ psychopathy test it was concluded that 95% of the population show more psychopathic traits than I do. I have also had 3 P.C.L.R tests that are designed specifically to reveal psychopathy and all 3 concluded the same, I am not a psychopath. Nor do I have any personality disorder.

Interestingly, I have just received a letter from the British Psychological Society. MS Kerry Daynes is no longer a member of the society and they have suggested that I should complain to the health professions council, curiously, they confirm she is not registered with them either. Mail sent to her address is returned as 'gone away'.”

Remember that prisoners, particularly those convicted of murder, are very easy targets to make up lies about. Jeremy needs people on the outside to make a stand for him.