In Parliament

Baroness Jones of Moulsecoomb, House of Lords, asks the Home Office about non-disclosure in the case of Jeremy Bamber

In response to HL1475 - Because Essex police Chief Constable has refused disclosure both to the court, to Jeremy and also to the CCRC we are asking that a higher authority intervene, namely the Justice Minister or Home Secretary responsible for policing but it seems this has been ignored and the Chief Constable doesn't have to be held accountable to the Government.

In response to HL1476 - We have evidence disclosed post 2002 appeal which shows directly that a large amount of material was not disclosed we have specifically identified this in our disclosure booklet and so this cannot be viewed as coming under the Kevin Nunn ruling as 'speculative'. Also we have statements proving that evidence was destroyed by police so that is in direct contrast to the response made by Baroness Williams of Trafford.

‘Such action is necessary to avoid perpetuating what a growing number of people fear may be one of the greatest miscarriages of justice of our times.’ – Andrew Hunter MP, 9th February 2005. Andrew Hunter, then MP for Basingstoke raised concerns in the Houses of Parliament over the Bamber case and called for the home office to look closely at the issue of non-disclosure of evidence and the behaviour of Essex Police.

Issues covered were the re-writing and editing of police radio logs, withheld audio tapes along with telephone logs from White House Farm. Further evidence raised were a number of photographs showing Sheila Caffell’s bloodied feet and lack of livor mortis. Also mentioned during the debate were other pieces of evidence also withheld including video recordings of the crime scene and the incident report. The notebooks of the original head of the investigation, Inspector Jones who believed Bamber innocent, these have still not been made available to Bamber’s legal team despite assurances by Fiona McTaggart that the Criminal Cases Review Commission was the right body to obtain such documents and in 2011 Essex Police refused disclosure to the CCRC of Jeremy's alibi material, the call logs for forensic examination.

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