Jeremy is innocent of murdering his family as these statements show. Evidence suggests that Sheila Caffell was downstairs in the kitchen, and she had possibly already shot herself once there and then fled upstairs where she was 'officially' found. The evidence below shows that Sheila appears to have moved from the kitchen to the bedroom.

White House Farm had three staircases, based on the evidence, it is possible that Sheila was unconscious in the kitchen when the police broke into the house or was playing dead, and they left her unattended. She then may have regained consciousness, or taken the first opportunity to run upstairs

You must be asking, how did Jeremy get blamed for the killings if the police knew Sheila was alive? Remember that the original Inspector on the case Taff Jones was adamant that Jeremy was innocent. He knew the truth, that the firearms team had bungled the raid on the house. They probably had failed to notice that Sheila was still alive with one gunshot wound to the tissue in her neck (the pathologist confirmed in court that this first shot wouldn't have killed her and that she would have been able to walk around with this injury). The police then drafted in large numbers of officers for police training exercises where they used Sheila Caffell to practice taking the gun on and off of her body. This is shown in the photographs of the gun in different positions on Sheila's body. This is the secret Essex police have tried to hide for 36 years in the name of British Justice.

If the officers had realized she was still alive then maybe they could have saved her life. Sadly Taff Jones died in an accident at his home before the trial. His pocket book has never been released to the defence. Also remember that the original documents from the first case number (the murder/suicide) have been withheld from the defence.

The following is evidence which is presented in chronological order. Put together like this you see how clear and compelling the evidence is which shows that Jeremy is innocent without question.

Nevill’s Call to Police (3.26am) and Jeremy's call to police (3.36am)

Jeremy has always maintained that his father called him to tell him that Sheila had a gun and he wanted him to come over. It has now been proven that Jeremy was telling the truth as his father DID call the police. The fact that the police failed to disclose both Jeremy and Nevill's call to them prevented Jeremy from getting a fair trial. The jury should have been made aware of both calls. Click here to read more

PC West's Statement regarding Jeremy's call (3.36am)

In his 8th August 1985 statement he says "I then spoke again to Mr Bamber and told him that a police car was attending his father’s address from Witham. I also asked him to attend and liaise with police officers on his arrival, this he agreed to do" The car which had already been dispatched as a result of Nevill's call to the police was sent at 3.35 (CA07), PC west organized for a second car to be sent - (CA05) which was owing to Jeremy's call.

Bews, Myall & Jeremy see movement in the window (after 3.45am)

When Jeremy and the police arrived at White House Farm they saw movement in the master bedroom. Below is an extract from PS Bews trial transcript:

Rivlin: "Do you remember at some stage early on, this happened that one of you Police Officers said that you thought you could see a shadow and you all jumped?"

Bews: "Yes, that is when we first went to the house with Mr Bamber. We had gone round what I thought was the back. We had seen the kitchen door with the light on. We then went into a field which is at the side of the farm house and went went round to where what is - - I believe the front door is and above that is a window. As we moved away I thought we saw something else move, a shadow, something like that. We looked up and after looking for a couple of minutes I was satisfied that it was a - - perhaps a part in the glass that just shone the light slightly as you looked at it."

Rivlin: "It could have been a trick of the light?"

Bews: "I think it was a trick of the light"

It has been stated in a recent interview by Sgt Bews that the movement was just 'the moon' However, Saxby's police statement maintains that PS Bews along with PC Myall and Jeremy "came running back from the direction of the farmhouse and PS Bews contacted information room and requested armed assistance and gave a situation report" Did Sgt Bews really call the firearms team out as a result of seeing a reflection of the moon? During the 80's firearms teams would only have come out if the police were seriously threatened by armed persons. If this was a trick of the light - what light source caused it? It was still dark at this time and the moon was on the other side of the house. This was a lone house in a rural area and there was no light from external sources. In addition Geoffrey Rivlin QC clearly did not question the witness properly. In this extract the Defence barrister is actually making the suggestion that the witness didn't see a shadow at all but a trick of the light. One of the key features of miscarriages of justice is often poor legal representation. PS Bews recently altered his story again for the ITV Tonight programme shown on the 29th of March 2012, he said in this version that Jeremy noticed the figure in the window. This implied that Jeremy was leading officers into thinking they saw something, however this has never been suggested in any of the case documents or at trial as you can see from the above transcript. We will leave you to draw your own conclusions about the movement in the window. ITV also misled viewers by suggesting that the firearms team were called out before they saw the figure in the window, which is incorrect. Originally PS Bews had said that PC Myall pointed out the movement in the window.

PC Myall Major Incident Report (3:45am)

Myall reported seeing an 'unidentified male' at this time which ties in with the figure moving in the master bedroom. At court this was dismissed as being a 'trick of the light' (discrepancies between which rooms had lights on between 4am and 7.34am). There were a number of contradictory reports from different officers stating which rooms were lit therefore suggesting that the lights in the house were on and off at different times which would be consistent with Sheila Caffell being alive in the house when the police were outside.

Message Log (5:25am)

There is evidence to suggest the police having been in conversation with Sheila Caffell ‘Firearms team are in conversation with someone from inside the farm’. It has been suggested this is referring to Jeremy Bamber, but he was referred to by his name or 'the son' and not as an unknown person. Nor was he 'inside the farm'. In all instances ‘inside the farm’ was repeatedly used by the police to mean ‘inside the farmhouse’.

Statement of WPC Jeapes (after 7:30am)

She says that she saw the rifle leaning up against the window frame of the tiny room between the master and the twins room which were connected by doors, this was between 7:30am and when she left the scene at 9am. How did this rifle move from the window to Sheila’s body if she had been killed by Jeremy Bamber before 3:30am as the prosecution stated. The same rifle was seen lying on her body by 8:30am and mysteriously at 10.20am the same gun was back in the window of the main bedroom where she was found. The police never made any reference to the gun in this small room, and there is not a single photograph of this room in the crime scene photographs which is very curious.

Statement of PC Brown (after 7am)

He also details what he believed to be a gun in the window of the small room off the master bedroom, supporting the evidence of WPC Jeapes. How could sightings by two firearms officers, who were located separately and both watching the house using the telescopic sight of a firearm be mistaken about seeing the gun in the window?

In his statement DI Cook said that the first time the rifle was moved from Sheila was 11:10am, the photographing started at 10:00am and finished at 10:50am. Statement of PC Hall (7:00am to 7:34am).

Hall states that PC Collins “reported that he could see the body of who he thought was a woman in the kitchen” before the firearms team broke into the house. PC Hall also states later when they broke into the house "I immediately heard a noise upstairs and began to challenge up the stairs I was covering, I was calling to Sheila Bamber to make her whereabouts known to me."

Statement of APS Manners (after 6.45am)

Manners states that PC Collins looked into the kitchen through the window before they broke into the house and “reported seeing what he thought was the body of a female just inside the kitchen door.” Nevill Bamber was found to the centre of the room by the aga.

Manners also states later when they went upstairs to the master bedroom that Sheila Caffell had blood ‘leaking from both corners of her mouth.’

There are also photographs of Sheila still bleeding at the scene and further pictures taken at the mortuary show even more blood had flowed from her mouth and nose and was widely spread onto her face.

Message Log (7:37am)

“One dead male and one dead female in Kitchen”

Message Log (7:40am)

“The police entered the premises and found 1 male dead and 1 female dead.” We also see at 8:10am on the same log, that the police found a further three bodies upstairs. This clearly contradicts the official line that they found one male downstairs and a further four bodies upstairs.

Extracts from DS Davidson’s pocketbook (7:45am)

He states that he was told it was ‘one murder and one suicide,’ which suggests that there were only two bodies found at this point and that they were both in the kitchen together. (This would support the above Message Log (7:40am). If the police had found one body downstairs at this point, why did they report a murder and suicide and not just one murder? We see that by 8.42am he was told it was 4 murders and a suicide.

It must also be noted that the firearms team did not search upstairs at the front of the house until after 7:55am.

PC Hall between 7:34am and 8:15am

One of the first officers in the house, part of the firearms group, said that he had heard a noise upstairs, and yet the noise was put down to another officer who was not directly above the room. He was in another room at the top of another staircase on the other side of the house, the raid team said they used stealth in their approach. He said “I immediately heard a noise upstairs and began to challenge up the stairs I was covering, I was calling to Sheila Bamber to make her whereabouts known to me.” Many of the raid team stated that they expected to find Sheila alive and armed.

Police Message Report (7:48am)

Request for the police surgeon to examine ‘two bodies’ at the scene – this suggests the police had found Sheila and Nevill in the kitchen, and reported this before moving upstairs.

White House Farm had three staircases, and new evidence shows that Sheila must have used the kitchen staircase, fleeing to the main bedroom where she shot herself and died Sheila however was later discovered deceased in the bedroom, Jones describes her as having ‘blood running’ from her body – so we know that she can’t have been dead for very long, certainly not for seven hours or more.

PC Wright (after 9am)

“I believe that the gun had been removed from the body of Sheila when I saw her,” he claims in his statement, but officially the gun was supposed to have been found lying on Sheila Caffell and not removed until the photographing process had finished at 10.50am. In his statement DI Cook stated that the first time the rifle was moved from Sheila was 11:10am.

Statement of DS Jones (9:15am)

Sheila was mysteriously now in the bedroom, Jones describes her as having ‘blood running’ from her body – so we know that she can’t have been dead for very long, certainly not for seven hours or more.

DI Millar’s Pocketbook (9:30am)

On describing the scene in the master bedroom he states: “In same room far side of bed daughter with .22 rifle by her right side,” And yet Sheila Caffell was supposedly found with the rifle lying on her body where it stayed until after the photographing process which started at 10:00am so how can this be?