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Our Campaign team is made up of academics, lawyers, journalists, actors and producers, as well as business professionals. Some of us have known and worked with Jeremy on his case for many years. We welcome any questions from you.

This case is about all of us. The public interest demands the truth is told.

The overwhelming evidence proving Jeremy Bamber’s innocence does not come from supposition or wishful thinking on Jeremy’s part or that of the Campaign. There are links to police documents on this page which can be used for publication.

It comes directly from:

-- Essex Police crime scene photographs

-- Essex Police documents, logs and witness statements

-- A wealth of indisputable forensic evidence

-- New forensic reports made since 2010

It’s really as simple as that.

But the vast majority of that basic evidence was hidden by Essex Police from Jeremy’s 1986 trial and 2002 appeal, guaranteeing Jeremy could not possibly have a fair trial, or appeal.

We can show that Essex Police officers lied under oath and withheld and fabricated key evidence. In 2011 there was a significant, but partial, disclosure of material. Much of this forms the basis of Jeremy’s current bid for another appeal.


The Crown argue that sometime between 10pm on the night of 6th August and 03:36am on 7th August 1985, Nevill Bamber, his wife June and daughter Sheila Caffell and her twin boys Nicholas and Daniel were shot dead inside White House Farm, a farmhouse at Tolleshunt D’Arcy, Essex. Police concluded Sheila was responsible for four murders after which, she took her own life. However, the Bamber’s son, Jeremy, was eventually charged with 5 murders and convicted. He has always protested his innocence.

Submissions to the Criminal Cases Review Commission were made in March 2021. These contain overwhelming evidence proving Jeremy’s innocence. These grounds are supported by numerous forensic reports, documented material, and photographic evidence, which we strongly believe will secure Jeremy another appeal. We await their decision.

Key question:

Do you suspect the public has not been told the full facts about this case? They certainly have not.

This is a gigantic, and evidentially provable, miscarriage of justice and the full facts have been hidden from the public for decades.

A few alarming facts about the White House Farm murders:

1. A ‘999’ emergency call was made from inside the house at 6:09am

-- Therefore, not everybody inside the house was dead at that time. On this basis alone, Jeremy could not possibly have committed the murders because he was standing outside the property in the presence of numerous police officers and had been for some hours. Essex Police still refuse to release any details of this call and tried for decades to cover-up its existence.

-- Why the secrecy about the details of a 999 call? It’s obvious. Sheila Caffell was the only person who could have been alive inside the house at that time. If records confirm Sheila made the 999 call, then the entire the case against Jeremy collapses.

-- Police written logs also record officers in conversation with someone inside the farm at around 5:25am, long after Jeremy is supposed to have killed everyone inside the house, including Sheila.

2. Essex Police KNOW Jeremy is innocent.

-- Prior to 6th September 1985, they investigated the circumstances of the incident and the evidence they had possession of. A senior officer produced a report which concluded Sheila Caffell, Jeremy’s sister, was responsible for the murder/suicide. But Essex Police hid this report dated 6th September 1985 from the trial and still refuse to release it, or the evidence used to produce it.

3. We’re all entitled to equal treatment under the law – a fair trial.

-- But how can Jeremy’s 1986 trial have been remotely fair when police concealed hundreds of thousands of case documents including police logs and crime scene photographs, which were never seen by Jeremy’s defence team and the jury, and were still undisclosed at the time of his 2002 appeal?

-- The Court of Appeal ordered Essex Police to release all case documents. Essex Police still refuse. The current Chief Constable, B J Harrington must believe he and his force can put themselves above the law when it suits them.

-- In 2011, around 370,000 documents were released. With the help of forensic and other experts, and the detailed document analysis of this material, we are able to prove beyond ANY possible doubt that Jeremy is innocent.

-- We can conclusively prove with forensic evidence, that Essex Police manipulated and/or withheld evidence on a grand scale, in order to frame Jeremy, and still persist in hiding what we believe is likely to be further exculpatory material.

4. The crime scene was seriously disturbed by Essex Police.

-- We can prove, using statements from Essex Police officers who first witnessed the crime scene, that the bodies of the deceased were moved, along with other key exhibits such as the rifle and the bible beside Sheila’s body, BEFORE any crime scene photos were taken. Yet the jury was not told this.

Later disclosure of some of the crime scene images by the police further supports that the scene, and deceased, were not as they were when the raid team entered the house.

5. Sadly, the public has been continually deceived about this case and about Jeremy’s character, through biased, misleading, TV dramas, documentaries, books and inaccurate news reporting.

-- Were you aware that Jeremy requested a lie-detector test, and it took the authorities ten years to grant this – a test which Jeremy passed conclusively in April 2007?

-- Were you aware that more than a dozen witness statements attesting to Jeremy’s good character were hidden by Essex Police, so the jury never got to hear about them?

6. Police written logs record two trained firearms officers seeing the rifle in the upstairs box room window while Jeremy was with them outside. It then disappeared from the window, and was later found on Sheila’s body after the police broke in. Precisely how could Jeremy have been responsible for this?

This is just the tip of the iceberg. We invite you to read on.

Further exculpatory evidence

7. Jeremy's father, Nevill Bamber, telephoned Essex Police at 3:26am stating his daughter had got hold of one of his guns. Police deny this call was ever received, despite overwhelming forensic evidence that it was.

8. The jury asked about the blood evidence for a second time. The trial judge told them to accept that blood found in a rifle sound moderator belonged to Sheila Caffell “and her alone.”

-- This was prejudicial and misleading. In fact, just 17 minutes after hearing this, the jury returned their 10-2 guilty verdict. The truth (known at the time) was that the blood was also a group and enzyme match for 8% of the UK population and for Jeremy’s uncle, Robert Boutflour, who was present when his son found that moderator in a cupboard in the farmhouse 3 days after the tragedies.

-- DNA tests, which led to the 2002 appeal, failed to find Sheila’s profile, but did establish that DNA discovered in the location of the sound moderator baffle plates, was that of an unknown male. It could not, and did not, belong to Sheila. The now deceased Robert Boutflour was never asked to provide a sample for a DNA test.

-- Jurors were extremely suspicious of Mr Boutflour giving evidence against his nephew Jeremy, asking if he had anything to gain financially. He stated under oath he would not benefit "in any way". This was a lie. He was in fact guaranteed to jointly inherit substantial assets upon Jeremy's conviction, as he was married to the sole beneficiary of four large estates, but only if Jeremy was convicted.

9. The prosecution claimed (I) Sheila’s arms were not long enough to reach the trigger to kill herself with a sound moderator attached. And (ii) that she could not have shot herself twice.

-- We can conclusively prove, thanks to painstaking forensic work, that a moderator, or silencer, was not on the rifle.

-- It has been known for people to kill themselves with more than one shot, though such cases are rare. However, we have substantial evidence showing not only was Sheila still alive, and active, when the raid team entered the house, but that she inflicted a single, fatal gunshot wound on herself. The second shot to Sheila’s corpse can only have occurred while police were in control of the crime scene, but they refuse to discuss this matter. We know that the rifle was moved on and off Sheila’s body while firearms training was conducted at the scene, during which the semi-automatic rifle must have discharged.

10. Essex Police stated that all the windows in the property were locked and secured and on their latches when inspected by police at the scene, thus, giving Jeremy no means of entry or exit. To get around this Essex Police deceived the court.

-- They showed the jury a photo of one window photographed from an angle to make it appear as if the latch was not fully secured and exit from the house could still have been possible. However, it withheld another photo taken directly in front of the same window, demonstrating that the latch was, in fact, fully secured in the 180 degrees down position, making access impossible from the outside. The photograph shown to the jury was designed to deceive them.

11. Essex Police also deceived the jury by claiming that paint found at the end of a sound moderator got there when Jeremy fought his father in the kitchen while holding the rifle, with the moderator attached, scratching the paintwork during the alleged struggle.

-- However, photographs taken by police prove the paintwork scratches were not caused on the day of the tragedies, but some weeks later when police conducted 'tests' and took samples. This is also supported by a forensic scientist who was informed of this in 1985; yet another critical fact kept from the jury.

12. There is simply no credible evidence whatsoever against Jeremy, forensic or otherwise. And there never was. Absolutely nothing, no blood evidence on any of his clothing or anywhere else and no marks whatsoever on his body as the result of what the prosecution speculated was a fight in the kitchen between Jeremy and his father.

13. In fact, Jeremy has multiple documented alibis for the evening of 6th August and the morning of the 7th ofAugust which categorically prove he was not responsible.

Motive to frame Jeremy

Many individuals stood to gain from Jeremy’s conviction, both financially, and on a personal or professional level.

Follow the money (and corruption)

Jeremy’s relatives: the Eatons and the Boutflours and Essex Police

The extended family were determined to benefit from the murders through what was a fortune in inheritance, as they believed the “cuckoo”, Jeremy, was not entitled to the “family treasures” owing to the fact he was adopted. They took steps to disinherit Jeremy from his grandmother’s estate even before he was a suspect. Jeremy had to be convicted to prevent him from challenging the highly questionable steps his relatives had already taken to have him cut out of his grandmother, Mabel Speakman’s, will.

So, they launched a relentless campaign of complaints against Essex Police over their poor conduct in the case, and insisted they target Jeremy as the culprit, despite having no evidence whatsoever, or any legitimate reason, to question the police’s conclusion that this was a case of murder-suicide. The Boutflour’s and Eatons provided the police with scenarios and “evidence” regarding every single factor of the case.

It seems Essex Police clearly feared exposure by the relatives for their terrible misconduct. Once the police charged Jeremy, all of a sudden, the relatives dropped the complaints they had felt so strongly about. The police had found an effective way of shutting-down these complaints.

Essex Police fabricated a case against Jeremy to satisfy the relatives and cover their own backsides, aided by a judge who was biased against Jeremy, as evident from court transcripts.

Jeremy’s conviction was a corrupt collaboration between Essex Police and the relatives, each of whom were of use to the other. Indeed, the police enjoyed lunch out with them at the conclusion of the trial, no doubt to celebrate a job well done in securing the conviction. In addition, the Senior Investigating Officer from 6thSeptember 1985, later went to work for the family as Head of Security, and a fraud investigation into claims made against Peter Eaton by the farm secretary in 1987 were inexplicably dropped. In fact, one of the officers who interviewed the Boutflours and Eatons regarding the complaints set out documented that they thought “Essex Police owed them” to which the police agreed

Julie Mugford

Jilted ex-girlfriend Julie (a multiple fraudster) had a life-changing £25,000 incentive to ensure Jeremy was convicted. She’d agreed a deal with the News of the World to be paid that sum for her story but only if Jeremy was convicted. The jury was never made aware of this.

Essex Police explicitly told the court, pre-trial, that Julie had no intention of selling her story. Yet the very moment the verdict was delivered Julie was waiting in a hotel, booked by the News of the World, and in the presence of two Essex Police officers, to seal the deal.

Essex Police also offered to wipe clean Julie’s criminal confessions by ‘withdrawing charges’ giving her immunity from prosecution in return for her (dubious) evidence. A clean record would have been essential for Julie, who was in training to become a teacher.

She alleged Jeremy had told her around a year BEFORE the murders that he was going to kill them all, yet she did nothing about this. Even after the tragedies, Julie still did not report these allegations to police. Julie was very possessive of Jeremy and wanted to marry him. Only when he ended their relationship did she start, the very next day, airing these claims to friends, one of whom told police. The police must then have realized that Julie could be a useful prosecution witness and this news must also have been gratefully received by the Boutflours and Eatons.

Julie also claimed Jeremy stated that he’d hired a hitman. This was found to be entirely false within days of the allegation, and yet it was still raised at trial. Why?

Essex Police also edited Julie's statement (a criminal offence) to downplay her numerous financial crimes including drug smuggling, dealing and multiple cheque book frauds, so she came across as a more credible witness.

Further exculpatory evidence

-- The existence of a suicide note left by Sheila Caffell stating “I’ve just killed myself” was hidden by Essex Police from the trial.

-- Essex Police destroyed evidence, including Sheila’s nightdress, ensuring Jeremy’s defence team could never examine it.

-- Police ensured Jeremy would be denied justice at his 2002 appeal by not disclosing all the available evidence but claiming that they had.

Essex Police know Jeremy is innocent, but his continued incarceration enables their misconduct, crimes and collusion with Jeremy’s relatives to be hidden. And they are protecting the relatives who assisted police at trial.

The police, however, are increasingly aware that they are fighting a losing battle, since the evidence confirming Jeremy’s innocence is now so overwhelming as to be completely undeniable.

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With the assistance of reputable forensic, and other, experts we have spent years examining a major disclosure of over 370,000 case documents in 2011. Lawyers submitted this new and compelling evidence in March 2021 to the Criminal Cases Review Commission, since we believe it absolutely and categorically proves Jeremy Bamber did not commit these murders. We are confident Jeremy will be granted a fresh appeal in the near future.

Thanks for reading.

Campaign team