JB Campaign Ltd and Directors

Jeremy Bamber Campaign (JB Campaign Ltd)

In December 2015 I was very pleased to announce the launch of The JB Campaign Limited, which is a ‘Not For Profit’ Private Limited Company. Having thought long and hard about the campaign to keep Jeremy’s case in the public domain and the issues that need resolving to get traction on an Appeal, the only conclusion was that we needed to be able to raise money. Supporters often ask how they can make donations but in order to do this effectively and legitimately the decision was made by the campaign team to set up The Jeremy Bamber Campaign as a legal entity. Our aim is to raise funds towards any legal or forensic costs not currently covered Pro Bono. There is an opportunity for people to give cash using a donate button on the website, we will be offering opportunities for appropriate advertising, along with a range of merchandise. Other exciting projects are in the planning process and will be announced in due course.

I am very proud, alongside my husband Pat Benjamin, to be a Director of the organisation, and we are delighted to be working with the Campaign Management Team to maintain a high standard of business and accounting practices. In accordance, with requirements by Companies House, all monies will be accounted for and annual accounts will be filed. The Directors and Management Team give their time and expertise for free.

The decision to generate revenue in this way was taken partly because of the denigration of legal aid and the funding crisis for prisoners such as Jeremy but also because of the outrage we feel at the continued wrongful conviction and 31-year loss of liberty of an innocent man. Our hope is that campaigners and supporters, who feel as we do, will give generously to help Jeremy gain the freedom he so richly deserves.

Please look at the “Management Team” to find out more about who we are and the 'Operations' page to find out how we work.

Thank you.

Trudi Benjamin

Managing Director/Spokesperson

About the limited company

JB Campaign Ltd is a not-for-profit company, established for the purpose of generating revenue through fundraising; with the dual aim of raising public awareness of Jeremy Bamber’s miscarriage of justice and contributing where necessary to on-going legal and forensic work in order to secure an Appeal.

JB Campaign Ltd was set up under the rules set down in the Companies Act 2013. The Directors of the company are Trudi Benjamin, a campaigner for Jeremy Bamber and Patrick Benjamin, a Company Director of 16 years experience. The appointed Management Team consists of Trudi Benjamin, Sarah Hanover, Yvonne Hartley, Heidi Hawkins, Lorna Lake and Matt Wall. Each bring to the organisation a wealth and range of academic, creative and business talents. The Directors will regulate the fund and ensure that the Management Team aspire to best practices and processes used by charities.

Registered Details of the Limited Company

The JB Campaign Ltd is a company limited by guarantee. This is an alternative type of corporation used primarily for non-profit organisations that require legal personality. Registered in England and Wales, P.O. Box 347, Station Approach, Hereford, HR1 9NE.

Organisation Objectives

To help secure the release of Jeremy Bamber, who was convicted in 1986 of killing five members of his family and keep his continued wrongful imprisonment in the public domain.

Who will donate money?

Members of the public who are supporters or campaigners of Jeremy Bamber and believe that his conviction is one of the biggest miscarriages of justice the UK has ever seen. Also people who believe in due process and the old adage that “justice must be seen to be done” and believe it has not been done in this case.

How can donations be made?

There is a donate button on the website, where it is possible to anonymously give any amount and there will also be the opportunity to give regular monthly smaller amounts by Standing Order. Merchandise will also be available to purchase in the Jeremy Bamber Store. Advertising will be procured on both the website and official Bamber YouTube channel. We welcome any fund raising ideas and will give consideration to them all.

Why is JB Campaign Ltd not a registered charity?

We were not able to register as a charity at this time as our objectives and aims in supporting Jeremy alone are too narrow. Once Jeremy’s release is secured consideration will be given into creating a wider miscarriage of justice charity to aid other members of the public.

Can gift aid or tax relief be claimed on your donation?

Unfortunately not, these benefits are only available to registered charities.

Will the funds go directly to Jeremy Bamber in Prison?

The simple answer is no. Even if we wanted to send Jeremy large sums of money he would not be allowed to receive it.

What will the money be spent on?

All money will go to engage legal services not covered by pro-bono arrangement, ad-hoc forensic work or any legal advice to do with Jeremy’s imprisonment. Additional funds will also be appropriated where necessary for purchase of merchandise to be sold in the proposed Jeremy Bamber store, in order to maintain the wider aims of the Campaign in publicising Jeremy’s wrongful conviction. The Directors and Campaign Management Team will not take any money from the fund in the form of remuneration.