JB Campaign Ltd and Directors

Jeremy Bamber Campaign Ltd and the Campaign Team.

From Dec 2015 ‘Jeremy Bamber Campaign’ was a trading name of Jeremy Bamber Campaign Ltd. As of 25th May 2020, the Ltd company will no longer be the same organization as Jeremy Bamber Campaign. The two entities will split off in the following ways:

Jeremy Bamber Campaign Ltd will continue to receive donations from the public for forensic and legal expenses. The directors of this company are Philip Walker and Lorna Lake taking over from Trudi and Pat Benjamin who will step down as Managing Director and Company Secretary. The funds raised by this company will not benefit Jeremy Bamber personally and the donations are not available to him. The company address is: JB Campaign Ltd, 61 Bridge Street, Kington, Herefordshire, United Kingdom, HR5 3DJ.

Jeremy Bamber Campaign will become ‘Jeremy Bamber Innocence Campaign’ or JBIC. This organization will continue to raise public awareness of Jeremy’s innocence throughout various forms of social media, web sites, videos, blogs and testimonials. This organization will be restructured from existing team members in the following ways: Sarah Hanover will return as the campaign Admin after almost a year away owing to personal circumstances. This role will be in a joint capacity with the existing Admin and Forensic Liaison Manager, Yvonne Hartley. Philip Walker will also continue with his PR and communications capacity in addition to his directorship of JB Campaign Ltd. To find out more about the sites we operate click here.

Jeremy Bamber and the team would like to take this opportunity to thank Trudi and Pat Benjamin for their commitment to the campaign during their directorships. We wish them the very best in their future endeavours. Trudi's contribution to the campaign is celebrated on this page.

About the Directors

The Company is administered by management team member, Philip Walker, who has many years of relevant experience as the Finance Director of an international communications company. His vision of continuing the Ltd company is with it operating in a capacity away from the day to day running of the campaign (JBIC).

Lorna Lake has been a campaigner for mental health reforms in the UK for many years. She currently consults on JBIC projects, with a particular strength on the Mental Health of Sheila Caffell because of her background in psychiatric healthcare.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the campaign through raising awareness or making donations or in whatever way they have been able. We know that this latest legal push will see Jeremy to freedom in the near future.