S.C Lomax Book

Scott Lomax is the author of a number of books including 'Justice for Jill' and the 'Case of Barry George' his work has often been seen as controversial as he expresses concerns about cases of wrongful convictions.

Evil, Almost Beyond Belief? by Scott Lomax

This book discusses the Bamber case in a way I wasn’t expecting. Many true crime writers offer a simplified, coloured and non-linear presentation of events based on secondary sources from the case. However, Lomax writes a compelling account of events in a fresh way that doesn’t preclude the evidence from speaking for itself. There is a continuous flow of clarity and structure for often complex subject matter.

The writer has blown away many of the needless myths surrounding the case and allows the reader to make decisions based on the large amount of new evidence which was unavailable at the Bamber trial. His careful handling and assessment of the facts slowly unravels The White House Farm tragedy and makes compelling reading.

I just could not put the book down until I had turned the last page. By far and away the best book I have read this year: no-one could read this book and feel cheated of the facts. The reader will have a chilling sense of doubt over the safety of Jeremy Bamber’s conviction. Buy a copy of the book here