Patrons and Supporters

Andrew Hunter, Patron

Andrew Hunter is a former MP for Basingstoke. He has been a friend of Jeremy's for some 15 years and has spoken to many media outlets about the case. In 2005 he raised the issue of the non-disclosure of case papers in the Houses of Parliament.

Dr Dennis Eady, Patron

Dr Dennis Eady, Cardiff Law School, works as Case Consultant to the Innocence Project at Cardiff University Law School and has been an active campaigner on miscarriage of justice issues for 20 years with South Wales against Wrongful Conviction (formerly South Wales Liberty). He has many years of experience on the topic of miscarriages of justice including the appeal process, particularly the CCRC and applications to them.

Michael O'Brien, Patron

Michael O'Brien was wrongly convicted of murdering a Cardiff Newsagent in 1988 and served 11 years in prison, 7 of those were with Jeremy Bamber. Michael has recently discussed Jeremy's case on BBC Essex.

Michelle Bates, Patron

Michelle Bates is the sister of Barry George who was wrongly convicted in 2001 of the killing of T.V. presenter, Jill Dando. His conviction was quashed at appeal in 2007 and in 2008 he was retried and found, unanimously, not guilty. Michelle is backing a campaign to amend the Criminal Justice act, section 133, which affects many whose convictions have been overturned, or who have been found not guilty at retrial.

Dee Sadler, Patron

Actress Dee Sadler has followed Jeremy’s case since the beginning and says “Jeremy and I are similar in age and it is inconceivable to me that he has spent most of his adult life in prison. The more I looked into this case the more I came to believe that there was something very wrong with the evidence used to convict him”.

The late Eric Allison, former Patron

Eric Allison was a Guardian journalist and campaigner for many Miscarriages of Justice. He conducted a telephone interview with Jeremy in 2011.

Peter Tatchell, supporter

Human rights campaigner, Peter says, " I believe that all evidence should be made available to Jeremy's defence team. It was not made available at his original trial or during his previous appeals and that is a grave, grave miscarriage of justice."

Diana, Lady Waterlow, supporter

As a Magistrate for 42 years and the Director of the SFA Regulatory City Board for 16 years, Diana says, "Having studied all the evidence at great length, also looking for a possible motive; I find that Jeremy is certainly innocent; we must all work to rectify this terrible injustice."

Flo Krause, Supporter

A leading Barrister working in Human Rights Law. Flo says, "There was never any direct evidence in this case, no motive was ever established, and even psychology cannot identify any factor in Jeremy's profile that could help understand why he might have done it. If ever a reasonable doubt existed, this must be the case for it." (Flo is not Jeremy's legal representative).

Susan Penhaligon, Supporter

is a respected actress with a career spanning more than four decades. Susan says, "I just feel that the case needs to be reviewed again and the new evidence looked at."