Non Disclosure of Evidence

Find out about the evidence pertaining to Jeremy Bamber's innocence which remains undisclosed by Essex Police despite 3 court orders to hand over the material. This is not a speculative request for case files but reasons are detailed and specific and supported by evidence.

  1. Original manuscript/handwritten logs by Malcolm Bonnett and PC West showing Nevill Bamber called police saying: ‘daughter gone berserk' and 'has got hold of one of my guns’. There are two separate logs: one pertaining to Jeremy Bamber and one pertaining to Nevill Bamber.
  2. Malcolm Bonnett’s original handwritten statements dated 13.09.85, 08.11.85 and 16.12.85 referring to: ‘Mr Bamber and 'Mr Bamber Junior'.
  3. Original situation report made by PS Bews following the sighting of someone alive in White House Farm that he saw through a bedroom window prompting him to request firearms assistance.
  4. Original statements made on 07.08.85 by PS Bews and PC Myall who saw movement in a bedroom window of White House Farm.
  5. DI Kenneally’s 06.09.85 report following his investigation stating Sheila Caffell was responsible for shooting her family and then herself. Plus DI Kenneally's statement made post trial for the Dickinson (1986) enquiry.
  6. Audio recordings of:
      1. PC West’s calls to HQ operator Malcolm Bonnett
      2. All radio traffic referred to by Malcolm Bonnett
      3. The raid team's open microphones
      4. PC Milbank’s pocket book recording all his monitoring of the phone at White House Farm from 06:09 on 07.08.85.
  7. Disclosure of all original handwritten statements and pocket book entries from the first case investigation number murder/suicide SC/688/85 including:
      1. PC 7975 David Bishop statements dated 14.09.85
      2. DI Cook Statements dated 07.08.85.
      3. DS 219 Davidson statements dated 09.08.85
      4. DCI Jones statements dated 07.08.85
      5. PS Mildenhall statement dated 18.09.85
      6. Inspector Montgomery statements dated 20.08.85
      7. Chief Inspector Wright statements dated 09.09.85
      8. PS 36 Bews statements dated 18.09.85
      9. PC 1902 Cracknell statements dated 17.09.85
      10. PC 721 East statements
      11. DC George Henderson statements
      12. PC 1046 Maunder statements
      13. PC 1445 Reed statements
      14. PC 366 Shoulders statements
  8. Original reports by forensic scientists referring to the blood in the sound moderator as identical to that Sheila Caffell and of beneficiary Robert Boutflour.
  9. Public Interest Immunity file on Julie Mugford referring to a ‘deal’ with the Crown Prosecution Service in exchange for immunity from prosecution for five criminal offences, three of which were unknown to the jury. Plus disclosure of the Essex Police file on the £25,000 News of the World deal, agreed to in November/December 1985 (pre-trial) by Julie Mugford via her solicitors.
  10. All photographs taken of all the rooms in White House Farm including those containing firearms and all telephones in situ.
  11. Sheila Caffell's medical/psychiatric records referring to her conversations with her psychiatrist where she informs him she was afraid she would kill her children. Plus Sheila's diaries during periods where she had psychotic episodes (1983 and 1985).
  12. All forensic scientist's pre-trial handwritten statements, lab reports and post trial DI Dickinson enquiry interviews pertaining to the sound moderator(s).

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