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02.12.13 Article by Dominic Kennedy

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The Daily Mirror has printed front page articles on Jeremy, and Sunday features in the past three years.

1st December 2013. Mirror online, Andy Gardener, scan

22nd July 2012 Sunday Mirror, Neil Root and Justin Penrose

14th August 2010 Mirror Bible Note, Jon Clements

6th August 2010 Mirror Front Page Scan 1, Scan 2,, Scan 3 Jon Clements

5th August 2010 Mirror Front Page Scans Jon Clements

Case Unraveled

In July 2010 on the 25th anniversary of the tragedies at White House Farm, The Times Magazine published an article on Jeremy Bamber. Writer David James Smith went to Full Sutton to conduct the interview which was sensitively handled.

Sunday & Daily Mail

Sunday Express

13th October, 2012, Does This Macabre Picture Prove Jeremy Bamber is Innocent? Glen Owens

19th May 2007, Lost Clues that Could Clear Bambi Killer, Bob Woffinden

Guardian Media

The Telegraph

Check out the Guardian Media articles, audios and video's on Jeremy's case which make up part of their "Justice on Trial" series looking at wrongful convictions and the need for a replacement of the CCRC.

This is Total Essex

7th November 2010, Challenge by Christmas, Steve Clow

18th November, 2010, Latest Bid

Essex County Standard

25th June 2010, Bamber New Evidence, Wendy Brading

19th August 2010, Stan Jones Should Keep His Regurgitated Views to Himself, L Ellis

The Independent

29th November 2012 Bamber Loses Legal Appeal, Cathy Gordon

The People

8th August 2010, Bamber Sis Death Flaw, Russell Myers