What really happened?

We can only guess at the truth of what happened while Jerermy Bamber was sitting in a police car on Pages Lane away from the scene, but the evidence suggests the following sequence of events occurred.

1. Before the the Firearms Group entered White House Farm, Collins and Delgado looked through the kitchen window. Collins reports by radio that two bodies, one female and one male, have been seen in the kitchen. Both appeared to be dead.

2. Collins, Delgado and others briefly enter the kitchen and confirm the two bodies by radio and telephone. They then continue to search the much of the downstairs and the back of the house upstairs.

3. At some point, Sheila recovers consciousness, and leaving the kitchen and through the main hallway she ascends the main staircase to the master bedroom and shoots herself with the rifle which WPC Jeapes and PC Brown had seen leaning against the window.

4. To conceal their incompetence, TFG officers, probably in collusion with Inspector Montgomery and PS Adams, decide to 'cover up' that SC had first been seen in the kitchen. At this stage, it was only a mild manipulation of the truth; she had, as they announced publicly, committed suicide upstairs, in the main bedroom.

5. Accordingly, Collins and Delgado omit from their statements any reference to looking through the kitchen window and seeing SC's body there; only one body, NB's, was in the kitchen and they first saw that after they had entered White House Farm.

6. All went well; the inquest ruled that SC had killed her parents and two sons and then committed suicide.

7. As August advanced, the police found themselves facing increasing difficulties. Jeremy Bamber's relatives, anxious over issues of inheritance, were determined to establish his guilt and began to demand a full murder investigation.

Detective Chief Inspector 'Taff Jones' knew that Jeremy Bamber was innocent but to explain why he was so sure he would have to admit that SC was alive when the police entered White House Farm and that the police had concealed this. He would also have been concerned that information about the contamination of the crime scene by more officers being drafted in for training exercises using the bodies in situ was going to become public making a mockery of crime scene preservation and showing utter disrespect for Jeremy Bamber's dead family.

8. 'Taff Jones' is delighted to be removed from heading the investigation. He is replaced by Ainsley, who had the reputation of being tough and ruthless. These qualities are required to prevent the police being exposed for concealing the truth about S C.

i. First line of defence: all records of police radio and telephone communications indicating that SC was still alive when the police entered White House Farm to be withheld from the defence.

ii. Second line of defence: in case Jeremy Bamber's defence got wind of any of these radio or telephone messages, select TFG statements to mention mistaking NB's body for a woman.

9. At least eight or nine, perhaps a dozen or so, Essex Police Officers know the truth about White House Farm and that Jeremy Bamber did not murder his sister Sheila Caffell. We are told they were frightened by Andrew Hunter’s revelations in the House of Commons in 2005, but they are more frightened of losing their police pensions or even imprisonment. One has 'come out' over an important detail (the issue of silencers) but will say no more. Another has allegedly confessed to a third party that he feels dreadful guilt about Jeremy Bamber's imprisonment.

All of the above is supported by documentary evidence.

The Pathologist's Views

The Pathologist, Dr Vanezis, who examined all of the bodies was convinced that Sheila had killed the family and then turned the gun on herself, he even confirmed that she could reach the trigger with her hand to do so.

The Ladies Bicycle

The prosecution alleged that Jeremy Bamber had cycled on his mothers bicycle from the scene, across farm land in the dark after committing the murders. Find out more about this absurd story invented by the late Robert Boutflour the primary beneficiary of the estate upon Jeremy's conviction.

In Parliament 2005

Sheila Caffell's body had been moved by police, recently disclosed documents show written records from firearms officers disclosing this fact. Sheila's body and the gun were moved during the photographing process.