Management Team

Sarah Hanover 

Founder, Co-Admin & Web Editor:  PhD student, Sarah has ensured organic growth of a document management system for the case material. She's been the driving force behind developing the campaign as a formal organisation. 

Yvonne Hartley

Director, Head of Forensic and Legal  Liaison 

Yvonne assists Jeremy directly with many research projects involving careful casework on thousands of pieces of material. Her work with forensic scientists has ensured evidence is comprehensive for the new CCRC submission. 

Philip Walker

Director: Philip is a spokesperson for Jeremy and also works on special projects as well managing JB Campaign Ltd

Emma Morris

Director and PR co-ordinator: Production and promotion of the Jeremy Bamber and Whitehouse Farm podcasts.  Emma also assists with social media, particularly, Facebook presentations as well as Twitter. She also runs our Tiktok account. 

Jill McCarlie

Networking, Facebook Admin and Meeting Co-ordinator. Jill campaigns and supports many miscarriage of justice cases as well as Jeremy's. She joined the Management team after five years as a member of the Jeremy Bamber Justice Group. She works for the team in an advisory capacity. Jill also attends events supporting the team and networking with members of the public, journalists and those wrongly convicted. 

Nicky Rowley

Facebook Admin and Meeting Co-ordinator. Nicky has been a campaigner for Jeremy for two and a half years and works with the team as a podcast proof listener. She is also an admin on the Facebook Group, as well as co-ordinating and hosting the social meetings for supporters.

Simon Kelly

Social Media: Simon assists with our social media, in particular our X account @bambertweets to highlight the injustice in Jeremy’s case. Simon is pro-active across many social media platforms to spread the word of Jeremy’s innocence.

Jamie Plackett

Proof reader and listener: Jamie works as a Registered Microbiologist at one of the UK’s top hospitals. He has been a member of the Facebook group for 3 years. He is also passionate in his interest and support of other MoJ cases. Jamie was born the year Jeremy was convicted, this fact  resonates with him strongly.

John McGowan

Associate Adviser: John  was brought up in Essex and born the same year as Jeremy (1961). He became aware of Jeremy's innocence when looking at Paddy Hill's website about ten years ago. He has taken a very keen interest since then and has been an active supporter of the campaign since retiring 5 years ago. He brings over 40 years corporate business experience.

Lorna Lake

Director: Lorna has worked extensively with the campaign for 15 years and is now a director of JB Campaign Ltd

Heidi Hawkins 

Campaigner Emeritus: Heidi recently retired from the campaign after many  years. Her work made significant contributions in social media and PR. She remains an affiliate and a great friend of Jeremy and the team. 

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