Price of Justice

The Price of Justice

Have you ever wondered why it takes so long for Jeremy’s legal teams to prepare material for an appeal? Some of Jeremy’s legal teams work Pro-bono but this work has to be carried out during the legal team’s spare time—like any of us—they can’t afford to work full time for free. Even if Jeremy’s legal teams could work full time for free they would have to wait for forensic work to be done.

While one forensic scientist has done work for Jeremy at reduced rates it still has to be paid for. Television companies have funded some forensic work but this is the exception. Below are some examples of costs for legal and forensic work. There is no Legal Aid available for any of Jeremy’s Prison Law or Appeal work. Below are some examples of costs Jeremy might encounter and some examples of costs already met by friends of Jeremy’s.

  1. For a legal letter to the prison in relation to Jeremy’s conditions a Prison Law specialist solicitor would charge £80 + VAT.
  2. Jeremy’s document management sharing system costs £99 annually.
  3. Transportation of Jeremy’s paper documents via transit van cost £250 in 2011 and 2013.
  4. An experienced Criminal Appeals Lawyer charges £1200 + VAT for a day visit to a convicted prisoner to discuss the case for appeal.
  5. Processing of High Resolution images from old case negatives in 2011 cost £1,912.50 + £382.50 vat = £2,295 by a UK forensics lab. The Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) refused to reimburse the Defence for the cost of processing images for forensic inspection.
  6. In 2011 a UK forensics company charged £5,350 + VAT £1,070 = £6,420 for 65 hours work examining photographic evidence from the scene and for telephone calls with Jeremy’s legal teams. These were reduced rates because of Jeremy’s unique circumstances.
  7. Dr Fowler’s un-refuted ballistics report on the gunshot wounds to Sheila Caffell, proving that the shots had been fired without the Sound Moderator attached, prepared for the application to the CCRC in 2012, cost $11,000 (US) that’s approximately £7,937. The findings of Dr Fowler were also demonstrated by Philp Boyes for ITV in 2012. The CCRC rejected the evidence of Fowler and Boyes and a judicial review of the CCRC decision also found the ruling lawful.

This is why any donation no matter how small will make all the difference to Jeremy’s continued fight for freedom.