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If you’ve only recently come to know Jeremy’s name, you may be looking for more information on who he is and why the Campaign is so important.

Jeremy Bamber, from Tolleshunt D’Arcy, Essex, England, led an ordinary farming life, and benefited from the warmth of a loving family. His mother, June was active in the local church whilst his father, Nevill, was a local Magistrate. Jeremy’s sister, Sheila, who was four years his senior, became a fashion model before marrying, and having children.

Sheila, June and Jeremy.

Sadly, this life was taken from Jeremy and completely destroyed when, in August 1985, Sheila – who had developed schizophrenia in adult life – took the lives of both her parents and her own two young children in a psychotic episode before killing herself. Police and a pathologist ruled the case as one of four murders and one suicide and 24 year old Jeremy Bamber was left to mourn the loss of his entire family.

White House Farm, Tolleshunt D'arcy, Essex

In what has become one of the gravest miscarriages of justice in the history of British law, however, it was Jeremy himself who, just over a year later, would be jailed for carrying out all five murders. Inexplicably, Jeremy was convicted despite the fact that there has, to this day, never been any forensic evidence to link him to such crimes; while the sheer load of documents and evidence supporting his innocence continues to swell to this day. Jeremy’s case is currently being re-submitted to the troubled and underfunded Criminal Cases Review Commission with further supporting evidence. Jeremy is one of only 42 prisoners currently serving a whole life tariff, never to be released.

The Official Web Site of Jeremy Bamber is run by an organisation set up to bring Jeremy to freedom. It collates and explains all of the evidence in great detail. In exploring the site, and the other official online resources of Jeremy and the case, you will be able to see for yourself how an innocent man continues to serve time for crimes he did not commit.

As you read through the evidence, you will be stunned by the facts of the case that you didn’t know, and further surprised that material which has been publicised is factually inaccurate. All of the material on the site is drawn from case documents and claims are fully supported by evidence. The site is in the process of being updated to include the exact references inserted via footnotes, so check back regularly to find out more.

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Jeremy's lawyer, submitted a Judicial review of the CCRC's decision not to refer the case to appeal. The court refused a Judicial Review but made recommendations about the re-submissions to the CCRC. Read the Court Judgement here or check out our web page and read this article.


Twenty years after a Panorama investigation helped to clear the Cardiff Three, Yusef Abdullahi dies. Jeremy Bamber pays tribute to his friend as part of the series A life of Less Liberty.


Additional damage has been found in the kitchen mantle paintwork which warrants further investigation.


Sheila's suicide note?

Sheila Caffell was found with an open Bible by her side. The pages were covered in bloodied fingerprints. Document's show the bible was tested and forensics were positive for prints, but the owner of the prints was never disclosed. Could this be because they were the bloodied fingerprints of Sheila Caffell?