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Jeremy Bamber is wrongly convicted of shooting his family on 7th August 1985. 

26.04.15 Jeremy Bamber on The Move... 

New from Jeremy Bamber Campaign, window stickers to mark Jeremy's 30th year of wrongful imprisonment. Order your free sticker today and spread the word. Please send your name and address to our dedicated in box: 

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16.02.15 Catch Up With Key Prosecution Evidence

Jeremy's Birthday 13th January 2015

On the 13th of January 2015, Jeremy Bamber turns 54. He will have spent 30 birthdays in prison as an innocent man. Show your support for Jeremy this year. It won't be long until he's home. So, tell your friends about Jeremy, tweet about Jeremy, Facebook about Jeremy. Write to your MP about Jeremy. Write to the media about Jeremy. Wear your wristband with pride. Give Jeremy the greatest gift for his birthday and tell people he's innocent.

31.12.14 Jeremy's New Year Blog on Human Rights
I am beyond shocked by David Cameron’s pledge to scrap the Human Rights Act if he becomes Prime Minister at the next election.  The United Kingdom was one of the first countries to give formal consent to the European Convention of Human Rights in 1951, when it was passed through Parliament, championed by Sir Winston Churchill.

23.12.14 Jeremy's 30th Christmas in Prison
Check out the latest from Jeremy on his blog. 

"I wanted to write something about this being my 30th Christmas in prison. I had enjoyed just twenty-three Christmas celebrations before coming to Jail. I’ve talked about this time of year before and I wanted to recall a different aspect of it to share with you here."

Christmas for Jeremy

Thanks to all those people who have contacted us about sending gifts to Jeremy at Full Sutton on his 30th Christmas in prison, and for his 54th Birthday on the 13th of January. 

There are strict guidelines on material which Jeremy can receive. Each year generous supporters send gifts which cannot be given to him because they are not permissible. Please follow our instructions link carefully for Jeremy to receive your present. Our gift ideas include: stamps, cards, envelopes, drawings, paintings, letters and photographs. You can send in news articles, print outs from the internet, photocopies of extracts from books and magazines (whole publications are not permitted). Instagram. The Jeremy Bamber Campaign team would like you, Jeremy's fantastic supporters, to let us know what Jeremy and his bid for freedom means to you - in picture form! Jeremy is fortunate to have the support of countless individuals from across the world, from those who work on his campaign each day, to the thousands of people who have written a letter or e-mailed him over the three decades he has been wrongly imprisoned. To celebrate that support, we are asking for all supporters to put their feelings into photographs. 
  • What does supporting Jeremy mean to you? 
  • What makes you think of him, and how would you sum up your support and work for him over the years? 

The Campaign's official Instagram account will be posting the best of your images over the coming months. Could you photograph a family pet with the tag #freebambernow on a sign? Do you have a photo of the farmland and countryside that might surround where you live that represents Jeremy's life before prison? Perhaps you have a card or a letter Jeremy sent to you that always makes you smile, or a running joke you've shared together over the years? 

Show us how Jeremy’s wrongful imprisonment, and his impending release has affected or touched your life. We would love to see the photos! Please e-mail your photograph with a short description/detail about it to and we may share it with the rest of Jeremy's supporters.

New from The Jeremy Bamber Campaign "festival" style wristbands. Free to all supporters and campaigners. Bands can be worn or used to accessorise bags, luggage or key rings. As Jeremy is starting his 30th year of incarceration let's all proudly wear our bands to raise awareness of the wrongful conviction of this innocent man. 

If you would like a wristband please send your name and address to our dedicated inbox,  Addresses will not be held on file or shared and will only be used for the purpose of posting the bands. 

Check out Jeremy's latest blog on the 28th Anniversary of his conviction. 

Julie Mugford 21.10.14


The 29th Anniversary of Jeremy's Wrongful Imprisonment 

"It’s always at this time of year I look back and consider my life, my freedom and what it means to me. People often ask how do I feel, or how can I cope? There are times, especially in the present day, when we all consider our freedom and other people’s suffering in the fight to protect it, especially in times of war ..."

28.09.14 A new video to accompany the page on Sheila Caffell who killed her family in a psychotic episode. This video highlights just some of the major factors in piecing together how and why she did it.

7th August 1985, the 29th Anniversary of the tragedies at White House Farm. 

Jeremy Bamber chose a poem to remember his family. "They Are Not Dead" encompasses the memory of Nevill, June, Sheila, Nicholas and Daniel by using the elements of nature. Jeremy also asked that everyone who has sent messages of support be thanked. He will respond to you individually.

Nevill's Call to Police


Jeremy Bamber could not have been responsible for the deaths of his family. Essex Police recorded both Jeremy's and Nevill's call for help.


Jeremy's Alibi

Who did police officers see moving inside the house while Jeremy was with them? 
        • Who were police 'In Conversation' with? 
        • Why did police see a 'female body' in the kitchen? 
        • Why were there two bodies downstairs, later to be only one body downstairs? 
        • Why did police conceal the fact that Nevill Bamber called them? 


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                                                   The Jury's Question - Relatives Motive 

The Jury asked the court "If Jeremy Bamber was found guilty and imprisoned for many years, who would be the beneficiaries of the Bamber estate and monies? Could it be his uncle and family? A possible motive" Find out about the Relatives and the secret land purchase made by Nevill Bamber, which the Jury knew nothing of.

                                                       Why was the evidence destroyed? 

In 1994 a judge ruled that the Home Office was to disclose all material to Jeremy Bamber's legal team. The material was never given to the Defence and records show that a Special Branch officer ordered the destruction of all DNA exhibits except the Sound Moderator. Material was incinerated at a unit off the North Circular Road while a man serves whole life in prison based on this evidence.

How Did Sheila Kill the Family?

There is absolutely no question that Sheila Caffell killed her family in a psychotic episode, this page is to detail just some of the major factors in piecing together how and why she did it.

Jeremy in Court and Parliament
Grand Chamber Ruling 9 July 2013. The European Court of Human Rights voted that whole life tariff prisoners should have a review of their sentence.
Jeremy in Parliament. 9th February, 2005 "Such action is necessary to avoid perpetuating what a growing number of people fear may be one of the greatest miscarriages of justice of our 
times.’ – Andrew Hunter MP.
18th July 2013. 'Knee jerk reaction on Bamber say Peers" 'Knee-jerk reactions' from MP's on European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) judgements "do incredible damage to our international reputation" Link @ 24mins in.

Jeremy Bamber A Year in Media

Sunday 13th October 2013 saw a double page article in the Sunday Mail.

Andrew Hunter's work on the case of Jeremy Bamber.

1st December 2013. Sunday Mirror article by Andy Gardner, Reported on new material, and described the material as "bombshell" new evidence. Check out this article and more in our media hub.

2nd December 2013, Article by Dominic Kennedy.
 Bamber challenges conviction over gun evidence.

                  The Sound Moderator Evidence 

There is comprehensive material showing that evidence was altered, added to, and  manipulated by police in the case of Jeremy Bamber and none more so than that of the sound moderator, the key prosecution exhibit. Forensic scientists told the City of London police investigation in 1991 that their statements were altered without their knowledge, and still nothing has been done to bring these people to justice.

Essex Police had no evidence against Jeremy, therefore his scorned ex-girlfriend's testimony was essential. One of the major claims in her story was that Jeremy had hired a hit man, but the lies started to show when it was established the hit man had an alibi. Julie Mugford went to great lengths before the trial to arrange a 25k deal through a solicitor with the NOTW upon Jeremy's conviction. 

Forensic Evidence  

The Bloodied Bible 23.08.13

The bloodied Bible found next to the body of Sheila Caffell was never examined by the Defence. Photographs of it were in existence, police denied they ever took any. The bloodied prints on the Bible tested positive, but the prints were not disclosed, this means they cannot possibly belong to Jeremy Bamber and he is an innocent man as he has always maintained. 

The Fragmented Bullet

One of the bullets found in Sheila Caffell's neck was in fragments confirmed by the pathologist and x-rays but at trial this same bullet appeared whole. 

What is a Sound Moderator?

Did Police officers posing with the rifle for the press compromise the integrity of the sound moderator, the key prosecution exhibit which later became contaminated? 

New Forensic Evidence

Forensic Ballistics Expert Philip Boyce explains why the gunshot's to Sheila Caffell were made without the Sound Moderator attached.  

Sheila Caffell 

Mental Health and Illicit Drug Use

Sheila Caffell, had Paranoid Schizophrenia, the link between this and her use of Cannabis, Cocaine and other drugs is explored in this co-authored article. 

Why Didn't Sheila Fight Back?

The prosecution's case was that Sheila sat calmly and in a rational state of mind allowed her brother to take her life. It's unthinkable that Sheila would calmly sit down and allow Jeremy to awkwardly position a rifle under her chin to shoot her. If Sheila had made a full recovery from her previous psychotic episodes, why then did she not fight hard to save her children?

Lie Detectors

24.5.13 Latest on Lie Detectors

Catch up with Thursday's Radio 4 programme on Lie detectors in the UK and USA, frequently used by the judiciary to detect guilt but not innocence. The 30 minute programme tracks the history of the lie detector in comic book culture, and discusses developing methods of using brain scans to detect lies. Jeremy Bamber passed a lie detector test back in 2007 after years of requests to the Home Secretary. 

Jeremy and the Lie Detector 28.03.13

From The Jeremy Kyle sofa to courtrooms across the US and Europe, the Polygraph, the Lie Detector to many, is a widely debated and an often controversial issue but its relevance and standing in the Jeremy Bamber case cannot be understated. We can now chart its history and development plus its social and judicial journeys. Discover the shocking hypocrisy that sees the test used to imprison some while its powers to liberate others remain thwarted despite recognised accuracy up to 98%. How does the test really work? This article broaches the key facts and illustrates how it has helped bring some to justice and may yet help others find freedom.

Flick Through The Evidence

Flick through our 'twitpics' and discover for yourself just some pieces of vital evidence that show Jeremy is an innocent man wrongly imprisoned.  

26.09.13 Legal Aid Reforms

Catch up with the latest from Jeremy Bamber on Legal Aid; why it is important for all of us, including prisoners on whole life orders, and those maintaining innocence. 

09.07.13 The Story of Jeremy's Sentence

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A Quick Overview of the Case

So what's it all about? If you've only recently come to know Jeremy's name you  may be looking for more information on who he is, how he came to be wrongly imprisoned, and why the campaign for his freedom is so important. @bambertweets

01.02.14 Guest Video by "The Campaigner"

'The Campaigner', Anonymous Satire Blog

Mini Case Quiz

If you only have a minute take our Mini Quiz on the case. 

29.10.13 The Money Trail

Jeremy Bamber associated with homosexuals, but in 1985 this was frowned upon by the establishment, police, and traditional society.
Amid AIDS as the "Gay Plague" the case documents provide an extensive and startling insight into police persecution of Jeremy and his friends, who were frequently described by officers and his relatives as  'poofs' and 'queers'.

Psychological Reports

Jeremy Bamber is mistakenly described as being a psychopath, he has undertaken 27 different psychological analysis and never found to have psychopthay or any mental health disorders.

Donations Appeal for MOJUK

Miscarriages of Justice UK 2013 appeal for donations, please support the vital work which helps prisoners maintaining innocence giving them a voice, without prejudice, and keeping them in touch with the outside.

Women Campaigners 20.03.13

Watch this short video on miscarriages of justice and the impact they have on the families of those wrongly convicted. Jordan Cunliffe was convicted of murder at 15 years old despite being registered blind, his mother is fighting his conviction. Kevin Nunn maintains innocence, his sister tells how Suffolk Police refuse to disclose DNA material which could potentially free him. Sam Hallam, wrongly convicted of murder was freed on appeal last year but his mother says he is unable to talk about his experience as a victim of British Justice.

Cardiff Three The Greatest Scandal Panorama

Twenty years after a Panorama investigation helped to clear the Cardiff Three, the same
 team returns to investigate why the trial against the police officers collapsed last year

25.03.14 Donate to The Prisoners Advice Service
The Advice Service is free to help all prisoners. Their service is particularly to vital to those who are excluded from legal aid like Jeremy. Please help by making a donation to them. 

15.5.13 Police Corruption 'Virulent'

"IPCC & Police Complaints" is a resource of links to external sources regarding incidents of police corruption. The page will be updated regularly to include examples of malpractice in the UK including actions by Essex Police Officers who left a trail of fabricated evidence in their personal notes and formal paperwork to aid the conviction of Jeremy Bamber. 

Miscarriages of Justice UK

Find out about other people who have maintained innocence and are stuck in the justice system fighting for their freedom just like Jeremy. 

Campaign for Truth and Justice

An organization fighting judicial corruption and unlawful imprisonment in the UK.

Independent Police Complaints

Watch the second programme by BBC Panorama on the IPCC and their handling of police investigations. 

CCRC and Political Control

Underfunded and mismanaged the Criminal Cases Review Commission has been under public scrutiny for some years with 96% of cases being rejected. The CCRC being a powerful public body is unable to obtain vital documents in serious investigations of miscarriages of justice. 

The Sound Moderator

03.03.14 Appeal for New Information

Lie Detector Passed