Jeremy Bamber


Jeremy Bamber

Jeremy Bamber pictured in 2002.

Jeremy's Blog

We run a blog for Jeremy. Keep up to date with his latest thoughts and news on his case, the blog contains many different posts and pages. There are interviews and published articles by Jeremy dating back to 1994 and check out the 'Labels' section for different categories. 

Imagine Being Innocent but Justice Won't Listen

I Will Feel Hope Again

Listen to Jeremy Bamber talking to Eric Allison @allison_eric 
 of the Guardian in a conversation recorded in 2011. 

Jeremy Bamber pictured at 49 years old in October 2010

Jeremy Bamber is now in Full Sutton Prison, York where he works as a Braille translator. During his time inside he has he has has slept in no less than 122 different cells.

"The Enormity of the universe can make us feel so small, but there is nothing greater than our own capacity to endure."     

Jeremy Bamber, 2012 

Jeremy Bamber pictured at 25 years old in 1986

Check out A Life of Less Liberty which are some of Jeremy's reflections and memories from his childhood and thoughts of what he might have done with his life had he not gone to prison. 

Lord Denning, Former Lord Chief Justice said:

"It is better an innocent man serves a life sentence than the law is seen to be making grave errors."

Perhaps he might speak differently if he was the innocent man serving a whole life tariff.