Bamber Bake-Off

Remember that the Bake-off is about acknowledging Jeremy as a victim of crime and honouring his mother's memory. This enables supporters to connect with Jeremy in a way that is personal. Jeremy has suffered a tragedy and a 30 year injustice and this needs to be acknowledged.

Jeremy has spoken previously about his mum’s love of baking and now it’s your turn. It’s time to get creative in the kitchen as Jeremy shares some of his favourite childhood recipes with us. You should follow Jeremy’s method as closely as you can, although you can be as original and creative with the decoration of the cakes as you like.

Forward pictures of your masterpieces to: for them to appear on Jeremy’s Instagram page. Check out Jeremy's Blog on the Bake-Off.

Have fun and be imaginative. Good Luck!

Golden Syrup Cake

Black Forest Gateaux

Apple Charlotte

Quick Fruit Cake