James Whale Debate

On the 15th of July 2015 BBC Radio Essex featured Trudi Benjamin from the Official Campaign discussing the Bamber-Bake Off honouring his mother June's memory and acknowledging Jeremy as a victim of the tragedies. Michael O'Brien also spoke to James Whale about his time in prison with Jeremy. James also debated with callers about whether those maintaining innocence should be allowed to use the internet via a third party to make representations about their innocence. Listen to all six audio's below.

Michael O'Brien Talks to James Whale about Jeremy's Innocence


James Whale debates with Caller: "How many more appeals is he allowed to keep having?"


James Whale Debates with Caller: "There's no remorse in him."


Trudi Benjamin talks to James Whale about Jeremy's Innocence


James Whale Debates with Caller: "He just wants publicity"


James Whale debates: Rose Dixon of SAMM.

Jeremy Bamber's case and innocence are discussed on BBC Essex. Featured on this interview is Rose Dixon of the charity Support after Murder & Manslaughter (SAMM). Jeremy Bamber Campaign is not without sympathy for victims of crime and we want to see Jeremy acknowledged as another one of those victims. He is a victim of the killings committed by his mentally ill sister, and by that of the justice system which keeps him wrongly convicted. In the first month after the tragedy, Jeremy was viewed as a victim by police but received no victim support and in 30 years, has had no support to treat his inevitable trauma.