IPCC & Police Corruption

Last updated: February 2015
Police Corruption and misconduct is a growing problem in the UK. This page is to keep you up to date with the astonishing and growing number of incidents relating to fabrication of evidence, deaths in custody, young people being stopped and searched and the appalling treatment of vulnerable people including, women and the mentally ill. The positive work of the majority of police officers is being hampered by misconduct and which causes further breakdown in their relationship with communities. Simply click on the images within each of the news clippings to view the full stories. Please note that the Jeremy Bamber Campaign cannot be held responsible for the content of external links.

09.02.15 IPCC Demand Essex Police Pay Compensation


A man has been awarded £21,000 in compensation after he was sprayed in the face with CS gas by police officers during his arrest, following an IPCC Investigation.

15.05.13 May Pushes for More Death Sentences

Home Secretary Theresa May is to speak on enforcing whole life tariffs for those who kill police officers in her next address to the Police Federation. The move is thought to be driven by political popularity, particularly among police forces who booed her when she made her address to them last year. Sadly too little attention is paid to serving police officers who are charged with corruption. The IPCC has proven inadequate in finding any wrong doing and officers have been allowed to retire or join another force to avoid charges. Corruption charges range broadly from assault, to fabrication of evidence and dismissing serious allegations of fraud and sexual offences without any investigation. 

8.3.13 Inquiry "Will Expose Met Cover Up"

"The deadly secrets that Daniel Morgan took to his grave: Sir Stanley Burnton to head inquiry which could expose a web of police and press corruption" Will there finally be a resolution for Daniel's family after his murder in 1987?

7.5.13 Police Use Stun-Guns on Vulnerable People

Freedom of Information request reveals extent of stun-gun use by police in psychiatric wards. The disgraceful treatment of mentally ill patients some of the most vulnerable people in our society. 

Judicial Process: The Search for Truth in an Adversarial System

This document was authored by the Campaign’s of Jeremy Bamber, Susan May and Eddie Gilfoyle and submitted to the Home Affairs Select Committee during December 2011, supported by MP’s, but to date there has been no response from the committee.


10.02.15 Police 'Lack Resources' to Probe Corruption

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-31049266Half the police forces in England and Wales lack the capability and resources to properly investigate corruption among their own officers, a report says. Many forces were not "seeking out intelligence on corruption proactively", Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary found.

10.02.15 IPCC Accused of 'Dragging Heels' In Case

Senior law makers have backed the fight for justice of a family who have waited 20 months to find out how their loved one’s neck was broken in a British street. The family of Julian Cole, 21, blame excessive force used by police and say the police watchdog has been too slow in its investigation of the case.

Academic Work on Police Corruption

Policing and corruption are inseparable. This book argues that corruption is not one thing but covers many deviant and criminal practices in policing which also shift over time. It rejects the 'bad apple' metaphor and focuses on 'bad orchards', meaning not individual but institutional failure. Maurice Punch author of PoliceCorruption: deviance, accountability and reform in policing.  

Eddie Gilfoyle, Review Finds Diary Kept From Defence, 24th Nov, 2012

In a similar fashion to the personal diaries of Sheila Caffell being undisclosed to the defence, Eddie Gilfoyle's wife, Paula had kept diaries which showed that she had attempted suicide before. A recent police inquiry of non-disclosure of the material by Merseyside Police, was conducted by Avon and Somerset Constabulary. Times Article.


7.5.13 Mentally ill deaths in or following custody - 7 out of 15 times

The IPCC’s statistics on deaths in police custody for 2011/12 revealed that nearly half (7 out 15) of those who died in or following police custody were identified as having mental health problems

Independent Police Complaints

Watch the second programme by BBC Panorama on the IPCC and their handling of police investigations. Unfortunately this has been removed from I-player. Nevertheless, this interesting programme on UK police is worth a watch. "Police Shooting to Kill?"

10.5.10 Man Dies After being Restrained by Police

"The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) can today (Friday, 10 May) confirm the death of Darren Neville who was restrained by Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) officers during a disturbance in Aberdeen Park, Islington."

14.5.13 Police Refuse to Co-operate after assaulting a Grandfather

Grandfather out with his family claims he was assaulted by a police officer who refuses to be interviewed in connection with the incident. IPCC Commissioner for West Mercia Derrick Campbell said: "
It is also very disappointing to know that the Police Federation feel it is acceptable practice to encourage public servants to not cooperate fully with IPCC investigations"