Between now and Easter we want all supporters to use social media to promote the evidence which proves Sheila Caffell, Jeremy's sister, had to be alive in the house while the police were outside with Jeremy Bamber. The documents and video's on the links below should be put on to sites like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook using the tag #SheilaAlive to raise the profile of Jeremy's campaign to prove his innocence. Please join in this latest social media campaign and encourage your friends and family to support Jeremy using the police records proving he's innocent! Thanks to everyone. 

Nevill Bamber's call to police specifically states, that it was his daughter who had "gone berserk", to promote this evidence on social media use, #SheilaAlive, with the link, "My daughter has got hold of one of my guns".

PS Bews, one of the first three officers on the scene at around 3:50am, testified that he and another police officer saw movement in the bedroom window of White House Farm while Jeremy was with them. PS Bews has repeatedly changed his story in documented evidence as well as during interviews. This sighting prompted PS news to call out the firearms team. If you promote this evidence on social media use #SheilaAlive, with the link, "PS Bews see's movement in the window."

At 5.25am Police logs recorded the firearms team as being in conversation with someone inside the farm.  This means that someone had to be alive in the house either talking to the police on the phone or from the window in response to their loud hailer while Jeremy Bamber was in a police car on pages lane. If you promote this evidence on social media use #SheilaAlive, with the link, "Conversation with someone inside the farm"

#SheilaAlive “Lights turning on and off”
Upon Arrival at the scene Car CA7 containing Officers Bews, Saxby and Myall placed a radio call to Headquarters, which stated, “No   signs of life in house, all lights on in premises.” No one in the Firearms Unit says that “all the lights were on,” as had been reported back to the incident room by PS Bews.  The rooms with lights on changed after 04:09am. Evidence provided in statements made by the Raid team detail that not all the lights were on when they were monitoring the house. The master bedroom light was observed by a number of officers some say the light was off and others say the light was on. As these officers were trained to carefully observe because their lives depended on it we know that the only explanation is that Sheila was moving through the house and turning the lights on and off.

#SheilaAlive "woman in the kitchen" 
   A member of the raid team PC Collins saw the body of a woman just inside the kitchen door. This was before the raid team broke in  and Collins had looked in directly through the kitchen window where the light was on and the curtains were open. If you promote this     evidence on social media use #SheilaAlive, with the link, "woman in the kitchen".

#SheilaAlive “Gun seen in the window”

Raid team officers WPC Jeapes and PC Brown both gave evidence that they saw a gun resting against the window in the box room between the master and the twin’s room. Both sightings were between 7am and 9am apparently there was no weapon found in the window of this room. Therefore Sheila had to have moved the rifle from the window between 7am and when the police broke in. 

PC Hall was one of the raid team. When he was in the kitchen he hears a noise directly upstairs and called to Sheila to make her whereabouts known. There was no one upstairs at this time, PC Rozga did not venture up to the office on the other side of the house until later. If you promote this evidence on social media use #SheilaAlive, with the link, "I immediately heard a noise upstairs" 

 #SheilaAlive “Curtains open and closed”

PC Brown gave evidence regarding the main bedroom curtains when he was observing the house. He said: “I could see that the upstairs window in my concern was slightly open at the top and the curtains were closed”.  The crime scene photographs show the master bedroom curtains were open. 

Within minutes of police breaking down the backdoor of the farmhouse at 7:38 firearms reported that they found a man and a woman 'on entry' this is impossible as the official line police stick to is that Nevill Bamber was found downstairs and the other four people were found upstairs. If you promote this evidence on social media use #SheilaAlive, with the link, "1 dead male, 1 dead female found on entry to premises"

#Sheila Alive "two bodies" 
At 7:48 a request was made by the control desk asking for a police surgeon to attend the scene because the police had found two bodies. This doesn't make sense as when police broke in they found one body downstairs and four upstairs, two the master bedroom and two in the twins room. So why does the request only make reference to two bodies? Could i be that the police had seen a male and a female downstairs in the kitchen? 

At 8:10 a police log now notes there were a "further three bodies found" which suggests there were two bodies downstairs and three upstairs. Was Sheila Caffell downstairs when police broke in and these logs were made and they chased Sheila thorough the house to the upstairs?